Chronic returns need a special treatment

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Billions of items get returned from customers every year. Most of them never re-enter the market and go straight to landfills as many companies do not have the abilities to do the necessary preparations.

One company, however, is taking this very seriously by trying to provide the needed tools to its clients so they can process returns cost-effectively whilst taking care of the environment. OGOship has created a smart return process, in which all customer returns are received back into storage. Then the company’s specialist check the current state of the product and decide whether it will go back to shelves to be sold. Broken or damaged items do not go back thus minimising the probability to have unsatisfied customers who received a bad product.

This efforts are very important as more and more customers would order two different sizes of the same product just to see which fits them best. This creates an enormous pile of returns and many business feel completely lost.

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