Fairer supply chain for Kenyan coffee farmers

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As a major part of the Kenyan economy coffee is an important source of stability in the country. The industry ensures the livelihood of 700,000 small farmers and thus around 3.5 million people directly benefit from coffee production.

The industry, however, leaves many small farmers demoralised as they do not get paid fairly. Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters (KCCE) is trying to changed that. Launched in 2009 the KCCE gathers small farmers from around the country and markets their coffee directly to buyers overseas.

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What the cooperative achieved is better representation of farmers at the central auction at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. It facilitated the return of sales and secured better deals for small farmers who wouldn’t be able to do so on their own. The organisation has its own supply chain built to encompass all stages of the process and work on a larger scale. With its own facilities the organisation adds values to coffee producers and exports to big international markets like the USA, the UK, Germany and countries in the Asia-Pacific region and North Africa.

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KCCE also helps local communities by providing funding for schools that educate girls from disadvantage backgrounds as well as sick members of the Kenyan society.

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