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The British company Body and Mild Botanicals produces cannabis tea and oil in the UK. The company sources its cannabis from family run farms in the Baltic area -Estonia and Lithuania. The farms are certified by the EU and once the the plants has been harvested it is shipped to the UK. The firm has its own facility in Milton Keynes where it prepares the tea and sell it in different countries around the world. The tea is legal in the UK because it contains less than 0.2% the legal limit of the psychoactive compound THC. “It is perfectly safe to consume, has no side effects, and can improve concentration and wellbeing,’ says Body and Mild Botanicals.

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All products are independently tested in a lab and the company is involved in the whole supply chain process from seed to drink. It took one year of research and gathering know-how so the company could start operations. “Our distribution network started small with local delis and health food shops but expanded quickly,” explains the company. The firm is also careful to advice potential customers and clients to be careful and follow regulations.

Disclaimer: This article is informational only and cannot be used to support any views on cannabis.

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