UK slow to answer the pressure from the logistics industry

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‘The UK government has always been slow to react to the pressures from within the freight world; but now the pressures from the environmental lobbies grow, so does the call for action become more vocal,” says Kevin Richardson, Chief Executive, CILT(UK), commenting a report that urges the government to ban diesel trucks.

CILT announced it agrees with the recommendations in the report but expressed the view that the national and many local governments do not pay much attention to the logistics industry and take it got granted.

Ban sales of all petrol and diesel HGVs by 2040, a report suggests

“The logistics world continues to operate and deliver for the UK economy and this is probably why decision-makers fail to take more notice of it. The whole sector is changing because of technology and more change is coming; this report should be seen as a call to arms to both the sector and the government. We understand the need for change. We recognise the areas that need development. This is the time to get together, discuss, plan, agree and move forward with a more integrated road and rail freight infrastructure that will benefit everyone,” continued Richardson.

A proposal by the National Infrastructure Commission suggests ministers should ban all sales of petrol and diesel HGVs in the UK by 2040.

The idea comes as an answer to the increase of congestion and pollution in many British cities. “In response to worsening congestion, the report recommends that city planning authorities ensure freight is part of their long term infrastructure strategies alongside transport, homes and jobs,” the report explains.

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