Improving mental health in logistics

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A good investment if you have an available budget is choosing an appropriate number of employees to take part in mental health first aider training. explains Ruth Edwards, Business Development Director at Talent in Logistics. This will ensure you have someone that can spot triggers/signs of issues and offer support and reassurance to anyone who is struggling. Given the rise in mental health issues and related absences this measure is just as important as having a ‘standard’ first aider in the workplace.

Practical recruitment

Use internal employee engagement to help with recruitment – word of mouth from happy employees travels fast and is one of the best ways to attract talent;

Think about how the language and images you use in your company marketing and recruitment ads come across – do they showcase your company’s passion and culture?;

Think about community outreach. Get into local schools/colleges, talk to them about the sector and the opportunities available.

How is logistics’ recruitment changing? Read more from Ruth Edwards, Business Development Director at Talent in Logistics, HERE

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