Space optimisation on the rise after lockdown

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Covid-19 has affected the sector of shelving and racking too. Projects are returning back to normal but companies are looking to reorganise existing space and respond quicker to the increased online demand. Jonathan Ellis, Head of Sales at BiGDUG spoke to The Logistics Point about trends and best practices.

What trends do you see on the market and how will it evolve?

Currently, we are seeing an increasing drive within customers to significantly streamline their supplier bases. In addition to a far more formalised Supplier approval process, suppliers who can supply across a wide range of categories will have an inherent advantage in this process.

The ability to provide Pallet Racking and shelving together with boxes, manual handling and access equipment along with ancillary products presents the customer with a much more rounded supply partnership.

Have you seen any change in attitudes because of Covid?

Larger projects that may have been on hold in the early months of the year seem to be being approved, and often now with a much shorter lead time as Companies return to something approaching their normal business models.

We’re also seeing an increasing amount of space optimisation, rather than new builds where elements such as Mezzanine Floors, repositioning existing storage systems to add additional runs are widely prevalent.

The continued rise of Internet shopping has also caused a huge upsurge in demand for racking and shelving, whereby retailers are experiencing issues with the amount of ……..

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