ORBIS launches new sustainability initiative to repurpose coastline waste

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ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in sustainable reusable packaging, is offering a new recyclable plastic material for use in a variety of its reusable packaging solutions. ORBIS’ Ocean in Mind program incorporates packaging made with recycled plastic material recovered near major waterways, helping to clean up coastline waste and stimulate local economies. Once collected, the plastic is sorted, reprocessed and used to make reusable packaging for the supply chain. ORBIS collaborates with customers to integrate this material into products to fit their specific supply chain needs and sustainability goals. 

“ORBIS is always exploring material innovations in the sustainable packaging industry,” said Breanna Herbert, associate product manager and sustainability lead at ORBIS. “By design, our products help reduce waste through re-use. This initiative takes recycling and reusability a step further by recovering waste from coastlines and repurposing it back into our product. We’re excited to offer our customers a material that not only improves supply chain sustainability but repurposes plastic at risk of entering our waterways.”

With this new capability, coastline plastic waste is blended with other materials during the ORBIS manufacturing process to create finished goods. Once that packaging reaches the end of its service life, it’s fully recyclable through ORBIS’ recycling program, which recovers and reprocesses obsolete and surplus packaging into new products.

ORBIS also works with today’s leading companies to analyze their supply chain for opportunities to drive sustainability, operational efficiency and cost savings. Using life-cycle data, ORBIS compares reusable and single-use packaging and calculates the environmental impacts to provide companies with unbiased measurable data as they make the switch to reusables. ORBIS’ portfolio also includes reusable plastic totes, pallets, dunnage and bulk systems made from recycled plastic.

This material recovery offers a new stream of recycled content for reusable plastic packaging that not only reduces waste but conserves natural coastlines. ORBIS plans to grow this offering with additional customers as demand increases.


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