How to choose the right cargo bike?

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Logistics organisations are looking at cargo bikes but how do they choose the right one?

Charlie Ford, an independent consultant at Hatat Solutions, will bring some clarity on that topic this October during the four last mile webinars, organised by The Logistics Point. To learn more about the right cargo bike just register here for free!

‘It is a common challenge for companies to get stuck on which is the best cargo bike for their operations, when they have not experienced different bikes before,’ says Charlie. He is a cargo bike expert and last-mile specialist. who has spent the last 10 years in operational, fleet management and consulting roles at large corporations and high growth start-ups (Pure Electric, Ministry of Defence, PA Consulting). He is focused on helping businesses transform their last-mile operations through the use of e-cargo bikes and e-bike fleets.

Hatat Solutions is a consultancy service offering businesses access to independent advice on sourcing the best e-cargo bikes and e-bike fleets from across the world, particularly those suited to last-mile delivery operations. We have a network of manufacturers, distributors and retailers that can be leveraged to provide unbeatable pricing and fast delivery times. We offer support to businesses with sourcing fleets; hiring and training teams to support the operation; financial/cost modelling and support services e.g. battery charging, insurance, maintenance, training. 

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