Caja Robotics and Ranpak to Provide Sustainable End-to-End Packaging Solution for Order Fulfillment

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Caja Robotics, a leader in robotic and flexible goods-to-person solutions for order fulfillment, announces today its partnership with Ranpak, a global leader of environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, to extend the companies’ joint product offerings to customers in the logistics industry. Together, the companies will provide a broader solution that will optimize fulfillment processes starting when e-commerce orders are placed and received, to packing and shipping when the order is ready, combining depalletization, picking and packing capabilities.

“We are excited about our partnership with Ranpak to address mutual opportunities,” said Michael Cahn, VP Business Development at Caja Robotics. “We saw the potential in providing complementary technologies for customers in order fulfillment, and in a sustainable way, so we jumped at the opportunity. Customers interested in goods-to-person robotics and automated packing will now have a complete, eco-friendly solution.”

Ranpak is a global producer of 100% sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions. As part of their mission to provide innovative, environmentally friendly solutions, Ranpak also offers cutting-edge automated equipment designed to speed up the end-of-line packing process while protecting the items being shipped in a cost-effective, economical way.

“At Ranpak, we are always looking for innovative ways to expand the global footprint of our sustainable, automated end of line packaging solutions. We are thrilled to collaborate with Caja Robotics and its cutting-edge robotic fulfillment solution. We already have new and existing customers from different segments of the industry interested in our automated broad solution for warehouse operations,” said Saar Davidi, Automation Innovation Director at Ranpak.

Caja Robotics responds to the daily challenges of warehouses worldwide with a smart warehouse technology that easily adapts to existing infrastructure and is flexible enough to handle peaks in sales. Caja’s fulfillment system consists of the company’s own software, specialized robots, and user-friendly workstations. With Caja’s advanced AI-powered software, the robots move bins between workstations and inventory, constantly optimizing goods management while saving over 60% of traditional warehouse labor costs.

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