Shipster Announces Partnership With Primis

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Manchester-based custom shipping integration platform, Shipster, has recently announced a new partnership with customer experience tech gurus, Primis.

The partnership comes after the two founders, Rebecca Griffiths (Primis) and Tony Cheetham (Oddsphere / Shipster) were introduced through Oddsphere’s investors, Fearless Adventures. Both founders noticed gaps in their respective markets and have built the technology to fill these. 

Rebecca wanted to help brands create a customer-centric experience within the eCommerce world, which led her to launch Primis back in 2016. After decades of experience in the eCommerce industry (as well as working for the behemoth that is Amazon), Rebecca created a solution that has made a real impact in the sector.

Primis enables retailers to improve customer experience and reduce the level of ‘where’s my order’ conversations. The narrative is changed and both retailer and customer see the benefits of improved conversations.

As for Shipster, the shipping software was created from scratch by MD, Tony, who remains the lead developer on the software to this day, as well as managing Oddsphere Ltd. With a focus on custom software integrations and shipping rules, the shipping software has an unmatched level of customisation, making waves in the eCommerce and logistics industry.

Primis’ technology supports the new Shipster After-Sales service, enabling their eCommerce clients with the ability to track and update their customers, from dispatch through to delivery. The partnership will see both platforms support each other, as well as enable improved post-purchase consumer experience and delivery solutions, for both customers and retailers.

Rebecca, CEO and Founder of Primis, shares that she believes a retailer can generate customer loyalty by making the customer feel that they are being looked after.

“At PRIMIS, we consider the post-purchase stage of an eCommerce purchase as critical to a brand’s success.”

CEO of Oddsphere, Tony, added “Partnering with Primis will allow us to enhance the service we offer our clients, and by using a pre-built system, we can offer it at an extremely attractive price point. We’re also launching a well-established system that has already been tried and tested across the industry.”

Senior Partnership Manager, Max Bartholomew, commented “I’m personally thrilled to be linking up with Primis for our upcoming Shipster post-purchase function. 

“The product will bring both sides up to the top table in the industry. We will have an unrivalled end-to-end product. I cannot wait for it to launch and for our clients to begin reaping the benefits.

“The team at Primis have been ultimate professionals from beginning to end in setting this up, thanks so much to Rebecca at Primis who is always on call when needed. The ultimate team – what a partnership we’re making!”

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