The Logistics Point October 2022

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The Emergence of the Human-Centric Supply Chain – Gartner Supply Chain Symposium London 2022

Sustainability as a Core Value Function – Gartner Supply Chain Symposium London 2022

VIDEO Building EVs’ Infrastructure for Tomorrow – Alan McCleave, Country Director of UK & Ireland at Wallbox Chargers

How to manage the energy crisis in the supply chain – Gartner Supply Chain Symposium London 2022

Video Get The Post-Purchase Right With Better Service – Andrew Chan, Co-founder & CMO of AfterShip

VIDEO How Consumers Change The Delivery Game – Chris Jones, EVP Industry & Services at Descartes Systems Group

Network Observability: Determining the causes behind all the noise – Michael Tarbet from LogicMonitor

VIDEO Know Your Competitors With AI – Andrea Gilberti, President & CEO at Matchplat

VIDEO People First to Succeed with Wearable Devices – James Summers, Founder and CEO of Conker

Change Management in the Heart of Supply Chains – Rich Diaz, CEO & President at Catena Solutions

Supply Chain Commerce and The Green Imperative – Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, CMO and SVP at Manhattan Associates

Uncovering the secrets of ethical retail – Aditi Pany, Founder of Qalara

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