Informatica and Productsup join forces to address burgeoning global P2C market

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Productsup, the leader in Product To Consumer (P2C) management, and Informatica, the Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader, today announced a strategic agreement to expand their addressable markets to serve today’s ecommerce and tomorrow’s metaverse commerce spaces jointly.  

The new partnership builds on Informatica’s cloud-first approach to ecommerce, which is driven by its Product 360 application operating in the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC). The integration with Productsup’s P2C management suite will give Informatica customers greater control over the data and product information value chains flowing between suppliers, products, and customers in the cloud for feed management, product content syndication, and marketplaces.

Against a tightening economic background, this gives Informatica customers improved insight into who they sell to, which partners can help them sell the most, and exactly which configuration of products are selling or need replacing and upgrading so that they can meet constantly changing market circumstances and evolving shopping habits.

Built on proven Product to Consumer (P2C) technology

“Informatica is without question a leader in the cloud data management market and a key partner for Productsup,” said Vincent Peters, CEO of Productsup. “Our relationship going forward will redefine standards in ecommerce around customer and product experience as well as business agility. This comes at the very time when brand, manufacturer, and retail ecommerce customers are demanding more innovation, connectivity, and collaboration from their tech vendors, so they can speed up how they work both internally and together.”

The new combination of Informatica with Productsup’s expanded P2C capabilities accelerates updating of product information, such as pricing data, which is a key enhancer of customer experience. This business-critical type of data is typically held in corporate systems of record such as ERP, inventory, or even Product Lifecycle Management, and now increasingly transitions out to social selling platforms like TikTok, Instagram and others.

”The customer journey is constantly evolving fuelled by technology innovation that creates new ways of buying products and services. Customers expect consistent product information across channels and personalized product experiences optimized for each digital touchpoint,” said Manouj Tahiliani, GM and GVP MDM and 360 Applications at Informatica. “The combination of Productsup’s P2C platform and Informatica’s Intelligent Product 360 empowers engaging shopping interactions that help create enduring brand loyalty.”

Productsup and Informatica will continue to collaborate across the Product to Consumer (P2C) and cloud data management market segments to develop technology solutions and go-to-market strategies. 

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