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Returns are increasing and are one of the reasons why consumers stick to a retailer. For 3PLs this means that they will have to take the whole process and truly own it. Jack Sims, Business Development Manager at Doddle, took the stage on the 22nd November during out Last Mile & E-Com Event to talk about returns and why 3PLs should make them successful. You can watch the full recording of Jack’s presentation now.

Yes, returns have become a challenge and have been one for many years. E-commerce is here to stay and the numbers show that growth will continue. Surprisingly returns are growing faster than online sales. This calls for the creation of a good and working returns’ strategy.

Look at the best

Jack Sims spoke about the old way 3PLs approached the problem and how they should transform. But very often it is hard to imagine what the first steps should be. Jack suggests both 3PLs and retailers to look at those that are performing best in the returns space. Companies like Amazon and Assos are so skillful in dealing with returns. They have built their own returns platforms and manage each product, understanding why it is being returned and what conditions it will be.

Of course, SMEs do not have the capabilities of such large players. But according to Jack that should not stop them from asking questions and evaluating their processes. The quality of the returns’ service is a key reason for more consumers to come back and shop. 3PLs should help here by offering solutions to their clients that can handle the whole process.

‘It’s going to make them much better at acquisition and retention,’ Jack explains in his presentation. Good technology can even look at the return journey before the consumer has thought about it. And in addition, a better served return process reduces costs.

Multiple journeys are not made and the environmental aspect is improved.

Making them know

Consumers’ awareness is key here. Educating people will take some time but Jack says it will deliver lasting, positive results. The role of 3PLs here is also essential. They would be the one who would interact with people and their platforms can make consumers more aware. ‘You can offer a more sustainable option that is cheaper or free, but the refund will take a bit longer,’ Jack goes on.

There are many options for retailers and 3PLs to improve and they should start asking the questions now.

You can watch the full presentation now and learn more from Jack Sims, Business Development Manager at Doddle. You can also learn more about Doddle on their webpage. And more from Last Mile & E-Com Online Event here.

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