The Logistics Point January 2023


In this edition you can read

Page 6 VIDEO Closed-loop Supply Chains Take Over 2023

Page 10 VIDEO Maritime 2023: Collaboration Goes Up To Fight Murky Waters

Page 12 VIDEO 2023: Procurement Stepping Up To Battle Inflation

Page 14 Events’ Calendar: Online & In-person Networking to Celebrate Logistics

Page 16 2023 Trends and Predictions for the E-bike Industry

Page 19 Warehousing & Fulfilment Hybrid Event in March

Page 23 VIDEO Air Freight: Smoothing The Bumpy Skies With Smart Tracking

Page 28 Career Development Is a Company Mind. Is Yours On the Right Track?

Page 32 Supply chain in 2023 – Cashflow Awareness is Essential

Page 35 Easing the Flow of Products: How to Minimise Supplier Risk in the Food and Drink Supply Chain

Page 38 Delivery Increases Loyalty – So Why Are Merchants not Focusing on it?

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