The road to a sustainable delivery fleet

Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains News Technology

Over the past few years, the challenges faced by delivery fleets has only grown. The ongoing driver shortage, rising fuel costs, the increase in home deliveries and rising expectations of consumers with the added pressure of new Clean Air Zones and the road to a net zero-emissions fleet present big challenges and opportunities for delivery fleets.

There is a solution for fleet operators who want to stay ahead of the curve. On the 24th May we are hosing our London Logistics Networking and Roundtable event, sponsored by Descartes Systems Group. Pόl Sweeney @ Descartes will join us together with EVRi, British Land, Zedify, Backhouse Jones.

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‘I’ll discuss the shift in customer expectations for delivery services and how businesses might assist customers transition to more sustainable delivery options while boosting revenue and cutting delivery costs,’ shares with us Pόl. He is also part of our online Delivering Green Creating Sustainable Supply Chains event on the 16th May.

You can get a combined ticket for both online & in-person events.

And the other speakers include:

Pip Marshall @ Zedify UK

The use of microhubs and cargobikes can have a transformative effect on urban logistics. Smaller hubs closer to end customers enable operations to be more agile; making it easier to hit tighter delivery windows and allowing riders to do multiple rounds per day. In conjunction with this, using cargobikes for deliveries creates massive efficiencies and reduces carbon emissions enormously. Not only do cargobikes produce 96% less emissions than electric vans, they are also able to capitalise on cycle lanes and easy parking to save time.

Nancy Hobhouse @ EVRi

Becoming a true ESG champion is a mission for every organisation but the road to carbon neutral operations is a bumpy one. In her presentation Nancy will showcase how EVRi, one of UK’s largest parcel delivery companies, set up ist ambitious ESG goals, what key areas are being taclked and what the company has learned along the way. Nancy will also give practical advice on what other organisations in the logistics and retail sector can do to lower their carbon foorprint, create more sustainable operations and achieve their ESG dreams.

Emily Carpendale @ Backhouse Jones

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is set to be the next key phrase in the world of business. With many customers, consumers and big corporations focusing on responsible business practices, more companies are having to assess their own impact on the environment, how they treat their employees, customers and the local community and governance aspects such as audits, internal controls and shareholder rights. Emily will discuss how ESG relates specifically to the logistics industry and what actions operators can take going forward to lead the way.

And also British Land, Ecoveritas,, FourKites, and Trax