Micro-fulfilment: The New Era in Urban Logistics

Register now and hear what James Smith, Managing Director, at our Golden Sponsor Autostore System UK & Ireland, has to say about the future of micro-fulfilment.

Julian Fisher from Jisp will share more on digital passports.

Sandra Rothbard from Freight Matters will look at how collaboration can help smaller retailers as micro-fulfilment gains traction,

Urban centres are transforming with the rise in e-commerce and many stores are closing down. Micro-fulfilment, the ability to execute orders closer to the customer, is becoming an important part of logistics operations.

How can logistics and supply chain organisation manage the world of micro-fulfilment and adapt to the needs of consumers post-Covid? ‘Micro-fulfilment: The New Era In Urban Logistics’ is brought to you by The Logistics Point, a leading digital magazine in the field of logistics and supply chain technology, and will share best practices for the future of urban logistics.