Are 3PLs failing to offer enough technology?

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Shippers want better technology capabilities from 3PLs as only 53% are happy with what they have.

Improving technological abilities should be a priority for logistics providers as 93% of shippers say this is an important element for every 3PL. However, just 53% of all shippers are happy with what their 3PLs have to offer as technology, a study, publish by Penske, finds.

Bad data sharing hits customer satisfaction levels. 61% of shippers and 54% of 3PLs said problems with sharing information has disrupted their business and caused customers’ dissatisfaction. Other disruptors include late payments, not renewing a contract and negative word of mouth.

‘Shippers and their logistics partners will need to capture information and make it relevant,’ says John Langley, a professor at Penn State University and the founder of the report.

Overall, 89% of shippers say the use of a 3PL has improved their operations, whereas 98% of logistics providers agree with that statement. A difference is shown in the way shippers and providers see the level of new offers and ideas brought by 3PLs. 73% of 3PL users and 91% of 3PL providers agree there are innovative ways being offered.

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