DHL to recruit by a WhatsApp chatbot

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Applicants can now directly apply via WhatsApp.

Deutsche Post DHL Group has added a new way for those interested in working with it to apply. Applicants can now submit their documents using a chatbot at WhatsApp.

To start the application future employees will have to go to where they will receive a phone number for the WhatsApp registration. Then they can use the app to complete the process as a chatbot will guide them through every process. Currently the service is only available in Germany.

DHL believes this will save time to applicants and will reduce stress levels as most people use WhatsApp on a daily basis. One of the other benefits of the chatbot is that all applications can be done in a time suitable for every candidate.

“The recruitment process must be dynamic, in constant development and tailored to the needs of the applicants. To reach potential applicants, we need to go to places where they are spending their time anyway,” says Thomas Ogilvie, Deutsche Post DHL Group Board Member for HR. WhatsApp is ideal because it is one of the most popular communication platforms and the most widely used across Germany.

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