Our top reads of 2019 (part 1)

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We from The Logistics Point wish you very happy holidays. 2019 was full of many new and exciting things for us and we are happy to tell you that we will continue to bring exciting stories from the world of logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and IT to you in 2020 as well!

To wrap up 2019 we bring you some of our best reads during the past year.

Collaboration brings the revenue in humanitarian logistics

Delivering value through logistics has always been the corner stone of the industry. When it comes to operating in areas where there is a humanitarian crisis logistics becomes crucial in the fight against hunger and suffering.

It is no wonder then that one of the first things Christopher Moore, a logistics manager at Global Aid Network (GAiN), tells me about humanitarian logistics is that it is not only about delivering the goods to where they are most needed but delivering an ‘immense added value’ that many NGOs cannot create on their own. Continue reading…

Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Building Trust Block by Block

Blockchain has become a buzz word and companies from all around the world have started looking at ways to leverage from it. However, a lot is unknown about how the technology can help day-to-day life. The European Commission is funding projects that are supposed to answer many of the question and countries like Malta are on the front line with new legislation. How Blockchain can improve the food supply chain and what is Malta doing to gain the upper hand are questions that two experts from the field try to answer.

A front runner in Blockchain is Malta. The small country has created a comprehensive rule book thus opening its doors for companies from all around the world who are interested in exploring the Blockchain realm. Continue reading…

Smart Manufacturing is more than just systems

With the increase in the complexity of the supply chain more and more manufacturers are pushed to change the way they produce. As the market changes the industry needs to find a way to better understand what is happening and how to deal with its bottlenecks. A new way of thinking and looking at problems and possibilities is surfacing with the aim to turn manufacturers ‘smart’.

Smart manufacturing is gaining popularity amongst companies as it promises to bring multiple benefits whilst keeping the core business inhouse. It aims at creating an environment where the manufacturing process is well-controlled and delivers high value by continuous adaptation. Continue reading….

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We hope all our readers and partners have a wonderful 2020!

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