Scrapping HS2 could fund 28 other projects

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If HS2, the high-speed rail line that will connect London with the North is scrapped many local projects found be funded, campaigners claim.

HS2 could cost billions more, MPs complain

According to David Davis, former Brexit secretary, there are cheaper proposals than HS2 that could be more effective in bringing the South and the North closer together.

The campaigners have identified 28 projects that could use the money current allocated to HS2 and improve both rail and road connectivity.

The government is backing the project and says it will bring prosperity to certain areas in England and close the gap between South and North. According to experts, working on the project, it has already employed 7,000 people with around 2,000 companies working for it.

“HS2 is a large infrastructure project, there is no denying that. But it is absolutely vital if we are going to be focused on smashing the north-south divide, providing opportunities for people that live beyond London and the south-east,” transport minister Nusrat Ghani said.

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