Covid-19: The Invisible Judge on Trade and Climate (Magazine)

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The Logistics Point Magazine April 202 is out now! Read HERE

In this Issue you can read:

Covid-19: Logistics and Economic Impact: The number of restrictions on people and goods is rising every day. In this uncertain environment it is hard to tell what could businesses from every industry expect. Predictions have been thrown under the bus as companies and governments struggle to get the full picture with COVID-19. What is next? Can logistics deal with an event that is constantly rewriting the rules?

Environment and Trade Wars During the Pandemic: It will take time for the real economic impact of Covid-19 to be felt. In an interview with The Logistics Point Lars Jensen, CEO at SeaIntelligence Consulting, explains why business-as-usual won’t change much after the outbreak is gone.

Improve Routing Could Make Logistics Greener: Logistics operators are always looking for ways to improve the way they deliver value to their customers. With the increasing need of turning the industry into a greener one, some believe systems that provide firms with the ability to plan better will become even more important.

Project Logistics is About Finding the Right Partner: Project Logistics Alliance is a body that helps project freight forwarders meet with like minded professionals, find customers and expand. The organisation allows only two companies from a country and is an elite club .

No more Parcels in the Bin: Are you home for all your deliveries? Missing a delivery is an inconvenience for customers and companies. Some try to solve this by asking their neighbours to sign for a delivery, others end up with their parcels in the bin. Paul Needler, iParcelBox CEO, wants to eliminate the constant worry that your delivery will be taken away with the rubbish.

Cohabitation the New Frontier for Warehousing: Warehouses are a cornerstone for logistics but according to Ian Henderson, some landlords are too rigid to see the opportunities ahead of them. The Logistics Point talk to the expert to find out what the future of warehousing is and how collaboration brings value to all.

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