Port of Hamburg looks beyond mega ships

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The German port sees future growth in ports and out of harbour borders in hinterland traffic.

The Logistics Point has contacted large ports from all around the world to find out how Smart Ports work. In this interview the Hamburg Port Authority share their projects that aim at improving the traffic flow in and around the port, as well as help reduce pollution, congestion and the link between the port and the city.

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Our world is constantly changing in ever more speed. Likewise, the concept of smartPORT is constantly being developed and adapted, explains the German port.

Being a smartPORT means that we try to ensure that tomorrow’s technology is in place in our port to provide solutions for upcoming and ever changing challenges,’ HPA says.


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HPA is working on projects related to innovation, port-city relation and future technologies. Currently the project Green4Transport as an innovative transport project in the Port of Hamburg is in the starting blocks.

For the first time in the area of the Port of Hamburg, the intelligent networking of vehicles with each other and with dynamically controlled traffic lights is to be tested.

It would be ideal if traffic lights could actively contribute to traffic flowing as smoothly as possible. A traffic light, for example, treated buses preferred.

Digitisation is the latest mega trend in the logistics industry. ‘With all its facets it can help us to solve future challenges, such as the compatibility of transport and the environment, if we not only use the developments, but actively shape them and use these technologies sensibly and responsibly. We are on the right track here,’ continues HPA.

The full interview with Port of Hamburg Authority is published HERE or on ISSUE **

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