Bring clarity on road usage for logistics, FTA urges

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FTA, one of the UK’s biggest business groups, is urging clarity from government on the use of road space for logistics movements, after published guidelines for post-COVID-19 active travel by transport secretary Grant Shapps MP failed to contain recommendations for the sector.

Read FREE Magazine May edition here.

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“While the government seeks to encourage active travel and social distancing through its strategy, which are both laudable ambitions, there are many areas affecting the safe movement of goods and services which have been left out of the plan,’ explains Natalie Chapman, Head of Urban Policy at FTA.

The association wants to make sure kerbside access is provided for logistics operators at all times.

A possible solution could be reviewing delivery restrictions so goods can get to their destinations at quieter times like early in the morning, later in the evening, overnight and at weekends.

FTA also urges local authorities to speak to business owners and plan together for the time shops will be fully opened.

Expect an interview with David Wells, FTA’s CEO, in The Logistics Point Magazine June 2020. Until then you can read the latest edition HERE !

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