5G in logistics: network slicing and collaborative supply chains

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‘There is still a way to go before service providers have the full capabilities to operate a 5G network,’ says Andrew Stevens, Sr Director Analyst at Gartner for The Logistics Point.

‘5G is not just another upgrade to the network but a major enhancement,’ Stevens continues. ‘Particularly in terms of provision and how you can do multiple data transactions.’ Every aspect of the supply chain will be affected by the move to 5G but those that are focused on processing, transmitting and distributing data are expected to see the biggest change.

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Network Slicing

Network slicing allows supply chain leaders, ideally working with communication service providers, to dedicate part of their networks to a specific customer, systems and devices.

How is 5G going to transform logistics? Why is it important for supply chain leaders to start working on networks now and more. Read the full story for FREE in The Logistics Point Magazine July 2020 HERE!

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