Logistics deserves to be seen as a 5th utility

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Covid-19 led to the understanding that logistics is essential for cities and urban areas. At the same time however, authorities need to invest more in making it easier for logistics providers to do their jobs in the city. According to Trevor Hoyle, SVP Ground Operation, FedEx Express, logistics needs to be recognised as a fifth utility.

The Logistics Point October 2020

It is expected that by 2050 ⅔ of the world population will live in cities and that urban areas will be the real power houses of economic growth and the global economy as a whole. “More goods are flowing to cities than ever before,” says Trevor Hoyle from FedEx at an event organised by Reuters. At the same time, same day deliveries are becoming an industry standard that consumers expect no matter what. These demands, however, have a huge impact on the environment and on the way logistics is seen by authorities.

Steady growth

By 2030 demand for urbal last mile deliveries will grow by 78% and many logistics businesses are investing in electric vehicles or cycling infrastructure. Hoyle believes we are a long way away from being …

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