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It was clear from the very beginning that shipping the Covid-19 vaccines would be a challenge. Jabs have very specific requirements that cannot be jeopardised during transportation else there is the risk of whole badges becoming useless. Logmore, a Finnish logistics intelligence company, has provided its logging technology from the start of the vaccination program and now has managed to secure a deal with DHL to monitor the condition of the vaccines shipped by the large logistics carrier.

“This is one more step towards the normal daily life we all are waiting for. Our shared goal is to secure as many doses safely to their destinations. With this and the upcoming partnerships, we get to secure maybe even hundreds of shipments of doses”, says Logmore CEO Niko Polvinen.

DHL & Logmore

In an interview for The Logistics Point Polvinen shares how the company expects to successfully secure over 7 million doses across Europe. “DHL is carrying the BioNTech vaccine to multiple locations, and due to the ultracold chain required by the vaccine, suitable loggers are needed,” he explains. Logmore’s technology solution for temperature monitoring consists of data loggers and a cloud service. The logger’s external temperature probe has proven efficient for monitoring vaccines shipped in deep freeze temperatures.

“Logmore makes it easy to monitor the vaccine shipments. The logger designed for ultracold shipments has an external probe that can be placed inside the container, while the logger itself is attached to the exterior. This way the temperature can be checked and verified without opening the container,” Polvinen continues.

Logmore gives fleet management teams access to analytics. At the same time, end-users and employees are able to verify the correct handling of the shipment on the package-level throughout its journey. As a shipment data platform, Logmore fits in well with the DHL SmartSensor service. The Finnish company expects to see growth in this area because of its technology and the need to better monitor vaccines’ supply. The company is in talks with multiple public authorities and private organisations, interested in the solution.

Lessons learnt

“The DHL cooperation has taught us a lot in terms of the COVID-19 monitoring, and we can now serve our customers better than ever in these trying times,” Polvinen assures.There is a reason why

 Logmore believes it would be a suitable candidate. The Finnish company has expanded rapidly during the last year as its technology has proven to be a useful tool for logistics and supply chain organisations that are looking into receiving more accurate real-time data on shipments’ quality and environment.

“The logger itself has become more robust over time. We’ve recently added the external probe to make the monitoring of extreme temperatures possible. On the software side, our cloud platform is developing constantly. We’ve come a long way from shipment-level monitoring to the logistics intelligence platform we have now,” Logmore’s CEO adds.

Smart packaging

Another of Logmore’s projects in the creation of smart packaging solution together with Sofrigam, a 40-year veteran in the development of qualified pharmaceutical transport solutions. ”Partnering with Logmore is the logical continuation of our promise to our customers and the end user.

Our mission is to offer stakeholders within the medical and health sector peace of mind regarding vaccine efficacy while meeting global demands for Covid-19 vaccination initiatives.” says Laurence Labranque, VP at Sofrigam.

Labranque has extensive experience in the last-mile cold chain needs. 

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