Demystifying EV charging infrastructure

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‘The UK is one of the most regulated markets in the world and it is important you know the rules,’ Alan McCleave, Managing Director UK & Nordic, at NewMotion said during his presentation at ‘Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chain’ Conference, organised by The Logistics Point.

McCleave focused on the process of enabling electric vehicle charging facilities and what steps need to be taken in order to execute that successfully. In his presentation McCleave pointed at the importance of communication between all entities to ensure that installing charging infrastructure happens in a way that would not compromise the integrity of the site.

‘We have to recognise that the grid wasn’t necessarily built to have electric cars, vans and trucks,’ McCleave continued. His expectation is that the coming years will see many upgrades on the network. On the other hand, a lot of new depots have invested more in making sure their network would be able to support the upgrade to electric vehicles. Large development companies are planning ahead and know that a logistics company with a large warehouse would require an upgraded network.

Unfortunately, McCleave admits that a lot of the currently available real estate was not built with electric vehicles in mind.

Planning ahead

McCleave also suggested that organisations would need to look at their current footprint and determine if it is going to be fit for a future where most vehicles will be electric. Some locations might be far away from a power source and be too expensive to upgrade. Such changes need to be planned in advance and the sooner the planning is done, the more likely it is to finalise the needed upgrades on time.

Often NewMotion finds that companies are unable to provide many details when they approach them. It is important to understand how the vehicles are going to be used, as well as what electric vehicles are going to be used.

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