VIDEO Maritime 2023: Collaboration Goes Up To Fight Murky Waters

Maritime Maritime in Short News Video Interview

The maritime sector experienced a challenging year and is hoping that 2023 will bring more stability. We spoke with Ryan Closser, Director of Project Management, Network Collaboration at FourKites about the state of the maritime sector, the lessons learnt from 2022 and what to expect in 2023. More from our January 2023 edition with predictions for the future here!

Ryan notes that smart supply chain leaders will focus on collaboration, predictive intelligence and AI to know exactly where goods are throughout the entire lifecycle of a shipment. Not just when goods are in transit, but into the yard, store, warehouse and beyond. This will help people take proactive steps to avoid disruption or delays.

Uncertainties, caused by Covid and the war in Ukraine have made sourcing for materials and products harder. Many turned to alternative suppliers but this did not solve all of the problems.

Visibility & Sustainability

Due to the problems the industry has been experiencing, a renewed focus on visibility has become a cornerstone for companies. At the same time, sustainability had to take the backseat, as companies tried to deliver their goods on time and satisfy consumers’ demands.

Speaking of consumers’ demands, Rayn says that it is unlikely to see a huge change in the way consumers behave. This would lead to less imports and exports, and less goods being shipped around the globe.

Overall, 2023 promises to be an interesting year. The challenges will continue and both carriers and shippers will have to find ways to collaborate in order for them to get the results they all need.

You can watch the full video interview with Ryan Closser, Director of Project Management, Network Collaboration at FourKites now.✷

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