The Logistics Point April 2023

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In this edition
Page 6: Celebrating our first in-person event
Page 17: London logistics networking May 24th
Page 20: Inflation & geopolitics drive supply chain changes
Page 24: US inflation reshapes consumers’ attitudes & freight’s operations
Page 26: VIDEO: DP World: Supporting SMEs ecosystem to digitise & go green
Page 29: How doing good creates value
Page 33: Protecting supply chain ideas: patenting your best
Page 35: New CPTPP deal: huge long-term potential
Page 37: Pack once again: Creating a friction-less returns experience
Page 42: Risk appetite: define it well to beat the competition
Page 46: GEN Z transforms the sustainability narrative
Page 48: Redesigning the supply chain: How ESG forces a new outlook
Page 51: UK’s EV & hydrogen infrastructure: the race is on
Page 53: Don’t break the chain – digital technology creating a more resilient food supply chain

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