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The Logistics Point is an independent logistics and mobility magazine based in the UK and read worldwide with audiences in the UK, USA, Canada , Germany, the Netherlands and India.


Our mission is to serve as a bridge between the world of logistics and mobility and help leaders facilitate the challenge of moving goods and people together.

We believe logistics and mobility are part of the same industry and in conversation with leading experts we have found that the two sectors are increasingly moving towards cooperation.

How we do it

The Logistics Point has a network of highly qualified professionals both in logistics and mobility. With their insights we are able to bring clarity to the way the industry is changing and merging to encompass goods and people.

By working with us you will get not only exposure to a network of experts and trendsetters but you will also be recognised as a disruptive force.

Companies from both logistics and mobility have trusted us as a professional platform to expand their audience and share their expertise and innovations. Some of the organisations we continuously work with are the Port of LA; FTA UK; VISA; RICS.

At The Logistics Point we have a special place in our hearts for startup organisations from any country. Entrepreneurs from all around the world have worked with us to share their know-how and as a platform where they can be seen. Such startups include: Magway; Moovit; Elisa; Iparcelbox.

Work with us

We want to hear from you no matter your size, location or idea. The Logistics Point is a place for bold innovators and trendsetters. If you have a story to tell, a disruptive new idea, or an insight you believe should be shared, email us. Message us on LinkedIn or Twitter. Follow us and subscribe to our magazine.

Contact our editor Nick Bozhilov at nick@thelogisticspoint.com

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