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Component sourcing: ready for the revolution

One by one, industries with long-established ways of doing business are being turned on their heads. New players are coming to the fore, succeeding because their fresh approaches better meet customers’ demands and expectations, writes Jens Gamperl, CEO, Sourceability for the latest October edition of The Logistics Point.

Electronic component sourcing and distribution is ripe for this kind of digital transformation. Relatively little has changed for a very long time. Buyers from larger businesses tend to work with sales representatives at a small number of traditional franchised distributors, driven by a need for traceability and quality assurance. Meanwhile, startups and small-to-medium enterprises, seeking lower prices or to broaden their reach, often prefer non-franchise, hybrid or independent distributors.

This status quo has drawbacks for all buyers, regardless of who they work for. Faced with time-to-market, budget and efficiency pressures, today’s purchasing managers need access to a supply chain that doesn’t draw the line at franchise, geographical or technological boundaries - but still provides full product traceability and exceptional quality assurance.

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