• Nick Bozhilov

Electricity - the real logistics disruptor

The role of electricity and electric vehicles and other devices is increasing. At the CV show near Birmingham more and more companies say that electric vehicles and machines will dominate the logistics and transport sector.

There are many reasons why electricity will reshape the industry completely. First, companies are trying to adhere to new environmental regulation like the London's ULEZ. Firms need to find a way to control cost and protect the environment at the same time.

At the CV show ThermoKing and Frigoblock are showing solutions that can answer many of this pressing issues. The two companies have combined efforts to create refrigerators that can run on electricity generated by the truck they are installed on. This means that the system is able to readjust to its environment and when the vehicle is entering a low emission zone the cooling module switches to electricity automatically thus lowering noise and other pollution. More firms are interested in such systems that can provide them with efficiency and flexibility.

There is an increase in the number of companies that produce electric vehicles too. Paneltex has manufactured fully electric vans that can operate for around 150 miles with one charge.

Many experts also say they are surprised how electric vehicles are about to transform the transport industry and the way companies operate.

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