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Ethical investors fight supply chain unfairness

The idea of ethical investing has been gaining momentum during the last couple of years. Companies have to consider how their actions will be perceived by the investors and what values they share. ‘There is a thin line between what is ethical and what not,’ says Nick Fox, Head of Logistics - Europe at Theory for the latest edition of The Logistics Point Magazine.

The low cost retailers are focused primarily on their margins which means they have to push for the lowest cost possible. Inevitably this leads to the temptation to sacrifice standards.

The other side of the arguments goes to what consumers’ attitudes are. Ethical investing will mean higher costs and Fox questions how many people would be willing to pay more for clothes. ‘People are buying T-shirts to throw away and sooner or later we have to start asking questions,’ Fox believes. Although the society might support tougher measures, once they are implemented prices could go up and that could lead to protests, for example the Yellow Vests in France. The expert believes that attitudes will eventually change.

How is fashion rethinking the way forward and what has Covid done to consumers' attitudes? Read the full text HERE...

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