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Future of warehousing: computational designs and autonomous trucks

What is the future warehouse going to look like? Digitalisation and autonomous technologies will reshape the way warehouses are used and built. For now the industry is struggling to cope with the demand of online retailers and questions about social distancing remain unanswered.

Developers should not start rethinking the way they will build warehouses just yet. Autonomous vehicles will change large and small facilities but there needs to be due diligence. ‘Most facilities are designed with a massive yard so trucks can drive in and do a full 360 degree turn,’ says Luke Buchholtz Senior Director at CBRE Industrial and Logistics Project Management. ‘Autonomous trucks may mean yards could be smaller.’

Building specifications will change dramatically and one of the tools for that could be computational design. Full site Master plans done by a computer take significantly shorter than traditional methods. ‘Designs may be different as the computer might see something people don’t,’ Buchholtz adds.

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