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Scrapping HS2 could cause economic damage to the North

Local authorities from the Midlands have said that scrapping HS2 or limiting its range could cause economic damage to the North of England and could also jeopardise many rail projects in the area.

If HS2, the high-speed rail line that will connect London with the North is scrapped many local projects found be funded, campaigners claim. However, many disagree and argue that the line will bring economic benefits to many areas and will decrease the divide between North and South. Authorities have said that a recent report by the House of Lords does not fully examine all benefits the high-speed line will bring as many of them are not directly related to it.

Scrapping HS2 could fund 28 other projects

Many in the Midlands fear that if HS2 is not delivered as proposed thousands of future jobs and projects will be at risk of never happening.

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