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Stockpiling could build resilience, but what follows next?

  • Property development and management to experience structural changes due to Covid.

  • Business focus shifts to reopening with safety in mind.

  • Online retail to be boosted significantly.

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With the potential end of the lockdown, businesses have started to focus their attention on how they can safely reopen and manage customer psychology. The retail sector is also looking at how seasonality will change. Many have unsold spring stock and they need to find a way to free space for summer, autumn and winter goods. ’The normal supply chain cycle has been interrupted,’ says Tim Crighton, Partner, Logistics and Retail at Cushman & Wakefield. ‘Other industries are in their summer peak time, but it is very hard for them to work.’

In the short term inventory increase is likely to happen until firms understand how they can deal with the effects of the virus on their stock levels. Ultimately Lean will return...

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