2024: Our Plans

Join us in 2024 for an exciting year of logistics & supply chain! You can find more about the things we are working on below!


We will be running a number of features during 2024. We are seeking expert comments to deliver high value to our readers. You can see the topics for our 2024 Features below.

Would you like to participate? You can email us on nick@thelogisticspoint.com for more information.

January 2024February 2024March 2024April 2024
Predicting The Next 5 Years for Logistics
Analysing 2024 for Logistics & Supply Chain
Warehousing Trends & Market Opportunities
Collaboration Between Logistics Parties
Energy in Logistics & Supply Chain
Micro-hubs: Not So Small After All
Global Economy & Geopolitics
Financing Logistics Operations & Start-ups
May 2024June 2024July 2024September 2024
EVs & Battery Trends
Alternative Fuels & Fuel Strategies
Telematics and Routing
Cargobikes: What’s the hype all about
Food Supply Chains Challenges
Packaging and greenwashing: What to do and what to promise
Maritime Trends & Development
Courrier Market Challenges & Opportunities
October 2024November 2024December 2024
Planning for Peak
Consumers & Their New Preferences
The changing face of Urban logistics
How regulations affect the logistics market
Understanding 2024: The good and the bad
Where has tech taken us

Video Interviews

We record multiple video interviews during the year on a variety of topics. You can explore some of them here.

Our events for 2024 have unfortunately been cancelled!