Warehousing & Fulfilment Online & In-person

When & Where

7th March 10 am GMT; Online

21st March 8:30 am GMT In-person Networking

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Sponsors & Partners

Autostore – an automated storage and retrieval system (“ASRS”) equipment manufacturer. The AutoStore system uses robotics for collecting stored goods in a warehouse, providing significant improvements in capacity and performance. AutoStore works together with leading distributors in selling and implementing the system in the end users’ warehouses. End users include Puma, ASDA, Siemens, Gucci, La Poste and DHL. Softbank acquired 40% of the company in 2021 and more recently AutoStore proudly reached 1000 systems globally.

Since 2014, Parcelly has been revolutionising the world of urban logistics, resolving first-and last-mile challenges by activating excess space in real estate for E-commerce and logistics through its proprietary mobile app technology. Parcelly is a Pick-Up and Drop-Off (PUDO) solution, integrating retailers and carriers across all industries and of all sizes to a highly scalable and internationally growing platform of ‘logistics hubs’. Currently operating in the UK, US and Germany, Parcelly offers a variety of B2B services such as Click&Collect, Hyper-local Warehousing, Returns and Cross Docking, driving operational and cost efficiencies for retailers and carriers of all kinds.


Russell Holmes 

Director of Business Development for Northern Europe at AutoStore

Russell has years of experience working in robotics and logistics applications with some key industry players such as Italian robotics company Comau, and Service Robotics ABB. His experience spans working with the likes of Jaguar Land Rover as Account Manager for the bodywork production lines, robotics, controls, conveyors, and programming commissioning. Before that Russell was Sales Manager at Service Robotics ABB where he focused purely on grocery and apparel eCommerce solutions delivered directly to end-users, whilst overseeing the UK and Scandinavian teams. 

With the focus on:

  • Urban Commercial Developments;
  • Order fulfilment & Automation;
  • Micro-hubs & Urban Deliveries;
  • Large Commercial Developments;

The event will feature:

  • Presentation Slots;
  • Fireside Chats/Discussion Panels

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