Logistics Networking: Warehousing & Fulfilment

When and Where

8:30 am – 11:30 am 21st March 2023

Museum of the Home; 136 Kingsland Road, London E2 8EA;

Join logistics and supply chain professionals this 21st March 2023 for this one of a kind In-Person Logistics Networking, organised by The Logistics Point.

Sebastain Stainhauser @ Parcelly
Hyper-Local Warehousing as the Ultimate Solution for Urban LogisticsChallenges connected with today’s consumer expectations; Delivery moving faster and more sustainable Holding stock closer to demand areas; Technology to drive change and facilitate collaboration across supply chain members; End-to-end Hyper-Local Logistics Software solutions (Like Parcelly); Case study
Russell Holems @ Autostore
Presentation by AutostoreTBC
Simon Rispin @ SMR Architects
Presentation by SMR ArchitectsTBC
Elizabeth Selby @ Bexley Beaumont Limited
How Warehousing Contracts Secure Your OperationsElizabeth Selby, Partner at Bexley Beaumont, will deliver a short talk on key provisions in warehousing contracts that rarely receive enough legal attention at the contract negotiation stage but which can be critical to enabling services to evolve throughout the term of the contract to meet changes in technology and operational practices whilst at the same time continuing to ensure value for money.
Charlie Ford @ Hatat Solutions
How to Benefit from Cargo Bikes for FulfilmentTBC

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What will you get

  • Insightful Talks on key Warehousing & Fulfilment Topics from leading experts in the field;
  • additional digital materials from our speakers on how to act upon the key challenges the industry faces;
  • an opportunity to meet like-minded proffessionals and learn more about the latest trends;
  • breakfast and drinks;


Sebastian Stainhauser @ Parcelly

CEO and Founder of Parcelly, London’s first omnichannel logistics tech growth firm converting redundant space in local businesses and private homes into carrier-agnostic storage capacities. 

Charlie Ford @ Hatat Solutions

Cargo bike expert and last-mile specialist. I have spent the last 10 years in operational, fleet management and consulting roles at large corporations and high growth start-ups

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Simon Rispin @ SMR Architects

Key account manager for a number of international logistics clients, along with Practice lead on a series of large-scale projects, he leads a dedicated team across the industrial and logistics sector, including both developers and operators.

Russell Holmes @ Autostore

Russell has years of experience working in robotics and logistics applications with some key industry players such as Italian robotics company Comau, and Service Robotics ABB. His experience spans working with the likes of Jaguar Land Rover as Account Manager for the bodywork production lines, robotics, controls, conveyors, and programming commissioning. 

Elizabeth Selby @ Bexley Beaumont

Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience in the legal sector, advising clients on logistics fulfilment contracts and major infrastructure projects in the UK and Australia. Her clients include businesses in the logistics, retail, market research and manufacturing sectors. Elizabeth works with founders, SMEs and large corporates, helping them to identify and protect against their key legal and commercial risks.

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This event will focus on: ‘‘Warehousing & Fulfilment Challenges & Opportunities’’

Who will attend?

Over 70+ logistics and supply chain professionals will come and share their thoughts on the pressing issues for them, their companies and the industry in-person. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage and share your experience. Let’s get together and find solutions to the problems that shape our industry!


Setting the scene for our discussions will be a 15-minute presentation from leading companies in the field. They will share insights and thought-provoking questions.

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During the event Roundtables will provide the participants with the chance to learn more about a specific topic and share their experience. Learn how others tackle problems and challenges that the industry faces. Exchange contacts and network in an informal environment to find new partners.

Roundtables will be facilitated by experts with substantial experience and knowledge, leading their companies’ transformation and success story.

Topics to Discuss

  • Warehousing with Borders: Brexit;
  • Labour Shortages: Solutions & Opportunities
  • Fulfilment for Urban Centres
  • Sustainable Warehouse: Mission Possible

Speakers & More

Do you want to share your thoughts and facilitate one of our Roundtables? Send us a message on nick@thelogisticspoint.com

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