Retailers: Sustainability is Not a Challenge, It’s an Opportunity

Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq: DSGX) (TSX:DSG), the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, released findings from its survey Retailers: Sustainability is Not a Challenge, It’s an Opportunity, which examined consumer sentiment of retailers’ sustainability practices around their delivery operations. The survey found that only 38% of consumers felt retailers were doing a good job of using sustainable delivery practices. Over 50%, however, indicated they were quite/very interested in environmentally friendly delivery methods, and 54% would be willing to accept longer lead times for an environmentally friendly delivery.

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The study of over 8,000 consumers across nine European countries, Canada and the United States provides retailers and logistics organisations with critical insights into the importance of sustainability in consumer purchase and delivery decisions and how perspectives vary by age and geography.

Expect more from Descartes about the report in the coming weeks on The Logistics Point.