Flexible Brexit extension won’t fix stubborn UK

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The UK has accepted another extension to Article 50 to last 6 months. As expected EU leaders didn’t buy the shorter one, proposed by London, as it was not flexible enough. The new ‘flextension’ could offer more time to find credible Brexit solution or could further deepen the gap between politicians, business and people.

Those who thought the UK cannot be humiliated any further were proven wrong after last night. The country is now under the direct ruling of the EU27 as they can choose when and what happens with Brexit.

Many would be fast to blame Brussels but the truth is London has only itself to blame. Time has been lost in party politics instead of directing all efforts to making some sense of Brexit. All the important debates and truths were left on the shelf to wait a better time (it is still not clear if such time will ever come). Rejecting the Withdrawal Agreement could have been a good starting point to discuss what happens next and to finally take the responsibility. Instead, MPs rejected all other alternative options.

Now will be the time for the real fight in Parliament between fellow MPs. Brexiteers will start moaning about what they see as a missed opportunity to begin a new, brighter future for Britain and try to oust the PM as soon as possible. Remainers are likely to try and push for a softer Brexit or no Brexit altogether. But both sides need to understand that there won’t be any winners anymore. The UK has been humiliated so badly it is unlikely to be seen as a credible partner from anyone in the world.

It takes decades to build trust, and only one referendum to break it completely!

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