Keep the drones off the cities’ sky

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Nothing more charming than a warm spring day in the park with singing birds ,barking dogs, and the sound of a passing drone above your head. The little machines have turned into a great entertainment for everyone and it is no wonder companies are experimenting with drone delivers. No matter how those experiments go, however, drones will never become part of the city.
There are a couple of reasons why drones will not turn into a part of the city’s sky.
Drones are fun to watch but not really practical. Logistics and business is about practicality even if you are Disney (who have created a drone that could spray-paint their attraction faster than people).
On the other hand, they are quite dangerous. Just remember what happened with the air traffic when a drone was spotted near one of the busiest British airports. Apart from that, given all fly restrictions above major cities it is unlikely authorities would allow the small autonomous machines to fly freely.
Drones will be a great inconvenience for everyone too. At first sight they look cool but are noisy and not as fast as some try to portrait them. In order for a company like Amazon to operate a whole fleet of drones it will need a lot of space and a lot of the machines. We all know how much noise just one can produce and then imagine 100 of those flying around your neighbourhood. One thing is sure, the dogs would love it!
What drones are good for is not reaching highly populated areas with a lot of people and dogs. Don’t forget the dogs!

Drones are better suited for places that are far away. There are many projects focusing on drone deliveries to hard-to-reach places. The machines can deliver medicines but also daily goods, mail and online orders. The advantage is that companies will cut cost and people, relying on a slow delivery method could start to enjoy something better.

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