‘Satanic’ warehouses sacrifice workers’ health

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‘Dark satanic mills’ is how warehouses of two major retailers were described. JD Sports and ASOS facilities have seen an increase in the number of ambulances called and accusations they jeopardise employees’ safety and health.

JD Sports site at Rochdale was visited by the emergency services around 40 times during the last year, and ASOS facility in Barnsley 45 times. This means there was an ambulance on site almost every single week.

Matt Draper, of the Unite union, said: “The warehouses of some companies risk becoming the dark satanic mills of the 21st century. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Where employers work with trade unions and treat people with respect there are fewer accidents and a better health and safety record.”

The two retailers have a high record of ambulances being called at their facilities. Both companies deny any accusations and say they care for their employees. It is also unclear what the reasons were behind all those emergency visits.

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