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The Logistics Point is an independent logistics and mobility magazine based in the UK and read worldwide with audiences in the UK, USA, Canada , Germany, the Netherlands and India.

The world of logistics and supply chain is evolving rapidly and many companies find it hard to follow the latest technological changes. At The Logistics Point our mission is to help managers and the decision makers navigate their way through the world of digital technologies for the logistics market.

With 12 issues of our digital magazine we cover topics around digital transformation, implementing new technologies in the supply chain, challenges in logistics and supply chain brought by the digital transformation, best examples and practices by top companies in the industry.

In addition we work on a series of White Papers that focus on problems logistics professionals face in their day-to-day activities. Each White Paper analyses the current market and what experts from leading companies in the sector expect to see in the coming years.

Logistics & Supply Chain Review Service

Our Logistics and Supply Chain Software Review Service can help you showcase your solution best and propel you to new heights. Our reviewers have years of experience and know the ins and outs of software solutions. They will look at your product with care and show what it can do best, how customers can benefit by implementing it and what makes it special compared to other programs.

Contact us now to get your professional review and kick-start your journey to becoming the next big thing in logistics.

Email: dave.greenbear@gmail.com or phone Dave on +447971 976440 for more information and help!

Contact our editor Nick Bozhilov at nick@thelogisticspoint.com

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