Fashion supply chain clashes with consumers’ attitudes

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Supply chains have been trying to eradicate modern slavery and poor workplace practices for decades. Usually we hear news about illegal practices from developing countries but they are everywhere. The latest developments around a facility in Lescerter raise questions how logistics leaders could win the battle against it.

READ: The Logistics Point Magazine August2020

‘With pressure from value retailers looking for margins in very low priced products, it is

inevitable that some factories or other supply chain operations will resort to limit workplace rights, despite what is expected of them. Questions are often asked from places such as Bangladesh and recently even Leicester in the UK, where factories are accused of being dangerous either due to poor safety management or indeed poor Covid-19 management,’ says Nick Fox, Head of Logistics – Europe at Theory, for the latest edition of The Logistics Point Magazine.

Production Managers will have to resolve a conflict between margin and safety and workers’ rights. Managers should not turn their backs on what is going on, if a price is too good to be true, then questions need to be asked. Either a factory has a fantastic piece of new technology or the buyer needs to dig deeper.

The big question for Nick Fox is if consumers really care about fairness and if they are ready to pay more for it? Read the full article HERE…

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