C2 Cyber Joins Delivering Green Online Event

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With the rise of digitisation cyber security is becoming an important part of logistics’ goals. It affects every aspect of modern operations in the industry and benefits sustainability efforts greatly. We are happy to welcome Jonathan Wood, CEO & Founder of C2 Cyber. Joining the panel discussion on the 24th May, Jonathan will share his thoughts on cyber security in the supply chain and how it helps sustainability. Register below or send a question to our speakers which they will answer during the live event!

About Jonathan Wood

Jonathan is both a chartered engineer and company director, a certified Privacy Professional, Data Protection Officer and Information Systems Security Professional and also holds a Masters degree in Renewable Energy Systems Technology, yet none of his qualifications have so far taught him how to understand his two young children. He founded C2 Cyber in order to enable companies to ‘survive and thrive’ in tomorrow’s digital world. With a background of 20 years in operational intelligence deployments, cyber services delivery and corporate security strategy he has experienced the rise of the threat landscape at first hand and is passionate about building a team to help customers navigate it.

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