Zedify Joins London Logistics Networking on 24th May

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The use of microhubs and cargobikes can have a transformative effect on urban logistics. Smaller hubs closer to end customers enable operations to be more agile; making it easier to hit tighter delivery windows and allowing riders to do multiple rounds per day.

We are happy to welcome Zedify and Pip Marshall at our London Logistics Networking on the 24th May. You can get your ticket now!

Pip will lead a discussion and roundtable around the importance of urban logistics and how sustainable practices help the environment and the bottom line. Get your ticket now!

Pip first joined Zedify in 2019, helping the London operations team scale up rapidly during the pandemic. He then moved to a vegan food startup called DAD, setting up their in-house logistics department, before returning to Zedify in the commercial team last year

Zedify helps create less congested, less polluted and more liveable cities. It does this by pioneering and normalising the use of hyperlocal microhubs and zero emission vehicles for deliveries within cities.

On the 24th May at Museum of the Home in London we will talk with Descartes Systems Group, Overhaul, Backhouse Jones and more about sustainability, how the supply chain should transform itself, legal frameworks for ESG and more.

Get your ticket now!

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