E-commerce packaging can bring value or break the business apart

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E-commerce has become an important part of the business and companies need to be aware of how they present their products to the consumers. Many, however, overlook the importance of packaging. A trend that could cause market shares and fewer clients.

A report by DS Smith looks at how packaging affects e-commerce in a market that is set to grow to 14.6% by 2020.

More than a third of British consumers (39%) have experienced some problems with poor packaging, says the report. 19% of all of those affected by poor packaging have said they felt angry and dissatisfied by the company they ordered from. 26% of respondents would be reluctant to order again from a retailer who has delivered a badly packaged item, which means that packaging is becoming more and more important in the eyes of e-commerce customers.

“Packaging is often thought about at the end of the product development journey, but really it should be brought into consideration at the very beginning,” the experts at DS Smith explain. How the product looks when the consumer receives it can make them order again or turn their backs and never look at your business.

Another key factor is considering how sustainable the packaging is. Making sure that it is the right size and doesn’t take too much space can save a lot of money. Answering the ever growing need for environment protection is also a thing many consumers like to see from the companies they order from.

“Collaboration between retailers, manufacturers and packaging manufacturers is key. Together we can capitalise on new technology, embed innovation into our DNA and all the while keep sustainability at the heart of our operations,” says DS Smith Packaging CEO, Stefano Rossi.

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