Intelligent labels tell the life story of the product

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Labels that can tell the story of every single item were shown at the RetailExpo 2019 in London.

The company that produces them is Avery Dennison’s Janela. Their product is a RFID lable that records every movement an item makes from the factory to the customers’ hands. The technology provides every product with a unique digital identity and promotes communication with customers in store and after they have paid and brought the product home.

The labels are able to capture real-time data and connect to the store systems. The labelling itself is easy and doesn’t require large and expensive machines. There is a hand set that serves as both scanner and printer and it is surprisingly light and easy to use. The company claims using its device gives 97% labelling accuracy. On average it takes around 4 seconds to mark an item and it is 80% faster than any manual system and 34% than any two-piece system.

The company says this is the first RFID labelling solution of its kind.

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