Large ports are turning smart for 2020

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Ports of Los Angeles and Hamburg are the first two to take part in out Smart Port project.

As everything is going smart ports are not staying behind. How do we know?

The Logistics Point has contacted some of the largest ports in the world to find out how they are getting ready to bring digitisation to 2020.

In a series of articles, coming next year, you will be able to read how the Port of Los Angeles is creating “a system of systems” that will enable all stakeholders to communicate and share information thus improving planning and visibility.

In his interview for The Logistics Point Christopher Chaze, Marketing director at the Port of LA, says: “Sharing data with people will improve planning. Most importantly sharing the information on one platform will stop them wasting time looking for it. You really see the improvements as truckers are being more efficient; better planning on the pick-up or delivery cycles on containers to and from one of our port terminals.”

The Port of Hamburg is another participant in the series. In their interview Hamburg Port Authority says: “We are working on projects related to innovation, port-city relation and future technologies.

Currently the project Green4Transport as an innovative transport project in the Port of Hamburg is in the starting blocks.” The port has a lot more to share on the future of the industry and what will take to keep up the good results.

These are not the only two ports that will take part in our series. To read more Subscribe to The Logistics Point.

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